Friday, March 8, 2013


One of the nice parts of living somewhere that people like to visit is that we get to see friends and family a lot.  And as an added bonus, we have finally been getting some snow in the mountains.  Matt's brother was out for a weekend of epic powder skiing a month ago.  

Last weekend, a good friend that we don't see very often came up for a long weekend of eating and shenanigans.  

We spent a few days skiing, mostly so we could work up an appetite for the main event (eating, of course).  Matt and I took her to our new favorite Mexican restaurant.  I'm pretty sure their refried beans have crack in them.  Or, more likely, copious amounts of lard.   

We also went to the Alpenglow Stube on top of Keystone, which we have been meaning to visit for years.  It is two gondola rides up the mountain.  We felt odd walking around up there without ski equipment.  Brunch was definitely the way to go.  

They had at least ten dessert options.  I think that means getting six for three people is being restrained.  Right?

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