Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zoo Lights

Epic date night last weekend.  We went to Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo through a CU Alumni Association Event.  It's a little weird being a CU alumni and student at the same time.  We saw elephants and giraffes and zebras.  And lots of fancy animated light-up animals.  They also had warm beverages and popcorn.  Which made it extra amazing, because eating popcorn is like eating salty, buttery clouds.  They had a carousel open, and we went for a ride.  I used to love the carousel at the Mall of America, because it had exciting animals.  But here, I rode on a tapir.  That's hard to beat.  Though we did miss seeing the baby (real) tapir.  

Before the Zoo, we experienced Korean BBQ for the first time at an excellent place in Westminster called "Korean BBQ."  It was quite wonderful.  Kind of like hot pot, but with a grill on the table.  And many small plates.  I love small things, especially if they are edible.

Mmmm.  I love Christmasy lights.

the Tapir ride.

We were surprised to find that Matt is smaller than a polar bear. 

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