Wednesday, February 15, 2012


While home for the holidays, I dragged my mother and sister to David's bridal to try on dresses. I figure this is the only time in my life when I can try on wedding dresses. I'd better milk it, right? (Speaking of, we really need to get on the catering and cake tastings!) It turns out I'm not into dresses that look exactly like the dresses everyone else wears. Which seems odd, since I don't really like attention. But I really liked this Vera Wang (schma schma. . .)

However, I'm guessing that anyone who knows me isn't surprised to hear that I will not be spending $1300 on a new fluffy white dress that I will only wear for 10 hours. It turns out I already have a couple of white dresses that I enjoy a lot and that are more casual and frankly, more me. I'm a casual girl. I may have been a little put off by the need to wear magic undergarments underneath the fancy dresses. My mom still has to remind me to wear a slip. I live in Colorado, and I usually just don't give a damn if someone observes that I am wearing underpants. One of the dresses is actually from a clothing exchange and used to belong to a friend. The other is from a consignment store.

It was, however, very entertaining to try on dresses with my favorite females that live oh-so-far-away.

I feel delightfully like a cupcake.

This one had an awesomely feathery skirt.

This was my favorite of the ones there.


  1. Love the feathers! And your favorite.

    Was that my dress from the clothing swap? It has good karma!

  2. Yours was most excellent, but I don't think I would've fit it in. My favorite of the moment is a green/brown/white one from Erin Neil. (Which I somehow do fit in)