Sunday, January 29, 2012


We have now booked almost everything for our honeymoon. We're taking a cruise from Rome that stops as Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Naples, then spending three days in Rome seeing the sites. We've been researching what we want to see (and EAT!) at each of our destinations, and have generally opted to arrange our own transport (usually by public transit) and see things on our own rather than paying a huge amount of money to go on the cruise excursions in gigantic groups.

We're trying to decide how many times one can get pizza in 12 hours in Naples. Four seems like a good number.

My parents are paying for the cruise fare (Thank you!), and we've put together a honeyfund registry for other expenses. We don't need a lot of tangible things and don't have much space, so this seems like a good way for friends and family to get us something meaningful without us needing to get a storage unit.

More details on the trip to follow.

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  1. Weddings, pizza, and traveling...this is the most awesome blog ever! I'm so excited for the Haggerlings! :)