Tuesday, January 23, 2018

18-months and getting ready for baby #2

Ada turned 18 months last week, and has morphed from a baby into a little girl. She is a delight, and enjoys books, puzzles, fruit, crackers, and hugs. She has started talking quite a lot, sometimes comprehensible and sometimes not, but almost always enthusiastically. Her word for "pants" is "tatas" and her word for "fruit" sounds more like "fool." She picks up new words every day and has started stringing them together. She is also starting to be interested in potties, so we'll see where that goes.

We are expecting a new baby girl in April, so have been getting ready (as ready as we can be). I'm excited that it will be fairly nice and sunny outside when she is super small. We recently had some neighbors move in who have a girl a few months older than Ada, and who are due for another baby a couple of weeks before us, so I might have a maternity leave friend nearby.

Winter has been mostly good to us. We have battled off a number of cold- and flu-like illnesses, much like the rest of the state of Minnesota. Being stuck inside much of the time has enabled a lot of good family time with grandparents and cousins. Ada really likes Grandma and Grandpa Haggerty's dog, Abby, and will talk about her all day if we go to see her. She also really enjoys looking at all the dog and cat pictures in the pet food aisle.

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