Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ada's first holiday season

I can't believe Ada is almost 5 months old!  She has been growing fast, and has almost doubled her weight.  She rolls over, sometimes all the way across the room, and has recently started to push up on hands and knees and launch herself onto her nose. She's a pretty happy kid overall, and we are thankful for her smiles and babbles. We all look forward to family time on the weekends.

I went back to work in the middle of October, and am enjoying things.  Day care was hard at first, but is going well.  We like the teachers, and she seems to do fine there.  Matt started a new job last week, and is happy to be in a new environment and have more face-to-face time with co-workers. We also get fancy gym memberships as part of his job, so have been exploring fun fitness classes.

We hosted 25 people at Thanksgiving, which was super fun. I was a bit weirded out cooking a turkey that was the same weight as my child. Everyone was very helpful, which made it easy. I feel like I have more to be thankful for than ever before.

We've been getting out on dates, thanks to family members babysitting efforts. It's my birthday next week - the big 30. People keep asking me if I feel old, but being a mom  makes me feel older than being 30 makes me feel.

Playing with cousin Theo on the floor

In her office at day care

All smiles most of the time.

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