Sunday, June 15, 2014

China, briefly

China was very fun.  We really needed the vacation time.  We spent three days in Chengdu and three in Xi'an.  Highlight include lots of delicious food, climbing Huashan and paying with four days of sore calves, seeing pandas, and wandering the cities.  

My favorite:  hot pot!  Quite spicy!

Struggle face.

This baby panda was awkwardly climbing all over.

Our favorite type of meal.  Noodles and dumplings

Traditional street turned touristy in Xi'an

This drink had boba and grass jelly and coconut goo and passion fruit bits.  

My favorite street food:  Jian bing

Atop the city walls in Xi'an

Biang biang mian in the Muslim Quarter

Xi'an by night

At Huashan

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