Sunday, March 23, 2014


We spent last weekend in Pasadena for a friend's wedding (on pi day!)  It was nice to have a few days away.  As usual, we focused on eating opportunities.  We had some really nice soup dumplings and pie and ice cream.  A friend recommended tea time at the Huntington, which was pretty epic.  I may have eaten several pints of blueberries.  And many small sandwiches (why are they so much more appealing when they are small?)

We also enjoyed the desert garden at the Huntington, where they had many flowering cacti and tree-like cacti (cacti-like trees?).  In their library, they had a special exhibit on science books, which included some of Newton's copies of his own books and old Darwin editions.  They also had a vellum Gutenburg bible.  Books are neat.

Another highlight was a super trail run on the Gabrielino Trail up a canyon.  It was pretty flat with beautiful scenery and a lot of stream crossings.  There were also old buildings and road foundations.  I've decided that we should trail run more.  It seems so much less boring when there are things to look at.  Also, feet to look at.

The wedding was a Persian ceremony, which was really lovely.  They have a mirror-covered table with various lovely symbolic items:  eggs, candy, bread, honey.  Also, the lady plays hard to get and doesn't say "I Do" until the third go-around.


The day before pi day.  Life is uncertain.


All you can tea time at the Huntington Gardens 

Apparently they are working to clone Matt here.

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