Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cruise Updates

We've been tracking the price of our cruise, and the price of veranda rooms with a balcony dropped to be the same price as interior rooms.  So we're going to have a balcony!  Breakfast on the balcony.  The privilege of being able to be outside without having to look at or talk to strangers.  A constant interactive view of the Mediterranean.  The next level of rooms has a pillow menu, but we're not quite that fancy yet.

Matt's never been on a cruise, so we've been looking into different aspects of it a lot recently.  There's a lawn on the top story.  They have tea time on at sea days. (I really love tea time.  Especially if there are small sandwiches involved.)  And a cirque du soleil-type show.  And a two-story library. (!)  We're especially excited to travel to different destinations without having to pack our bags every time (We have officially decided that we're over hostels and backpacking trips).

Tomorrow (T -3 months to the wedding), we're picking up our rings.

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